Wednesday, May 9, 2012

While still having hip issues, I decided to try taking Chloe for a walk anyway, using lessons from last night's class.  We first stepped outside and she did a weird pull to get out of the collar and continued to pull and back out.  I've never seen her do this before, so I calmly got her back inside, removed the leash, went about my business, then tried again.  Thinking back, I probably should have kept her on the leash.  Anyway, she did well, we did right turns and left turns along the way.  Then we were approaching a construction area with a guy getting out of his truck to open a gate.   She became very focused on him, we did a right turn, walked, left turn approached the truck a little closer, she was still very focused on him so we repeated this about 4 times getting closer each time until we passed him with no barking/lunging.  I think I'm getting it, slowly, very slowly!!

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