Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I've lost my first post in cypberspace, so I'll try again.  After meeting with Peggy last week, one year old Chloe and I have begun making some adjustments with various levels of success.  I realized that while I was working on her sit stay at the front and back doors, I was allowing her to "bolt" into the backyard and through the garage entrance.  What I heard Peggy (in my head) say, was "sometimes ok and never ok", bolting out the door is never ok, we are focusing on "sit, wait, look at me, let's go" when we go out the door.  She sat in a "stay" in the doorway while my daughter went in and out loading her car in the driveway, which I found impressive.  I have a hard time getting her to make eye contact when she is intent on getting out to her toy and job of ridding the yard of squirrels, bunnies and birds.  I've worked on short periods in the crate while I'm home, this is going to be a long process!  Other success, she went to the potty area on her own ONCE!!!  It's a start!!